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Graphic's Paint

Gymnasium Floor Layout & Graphic Art Designs

Are your Floors Zipping? Need a New Look?

  • We offer free designs and layouts.....
  • Change any existing court to a new zipping and sparkling look....
  • You can submit us a logo, or picture, and what game lines you want, colors and then we can handle the rest.... Or We can Custom Design for You!
  • We will send you a proof of what we can make your current floors look like....
  • Again... We offer this for free....

Call: 770-943-0034

Court Lines and Graphic Art Paint

The only game line paint designed specifically for gym floors. Fast Break is an oil-based game line and graphic arts paint that is compatible with all World Class products. We can get any color paints and have the fastest shipping in the industry. We even match custom colors and will ship directly to the job site.


PoloPlaz Fast Break game line paints are specifically designed to be used with PoloPlaz World Class Finish and Seal, World Class 450, Magnum Low VOC, and NSB Sealer. These paints were designed to perform on sports floors and provide excellent adhesion to the topcoat. Fast Break is not a pre-lackaged wall paint. Wall paints contain additives which would prevent performace on sports floors. Fast Break is a true game line paint for horizontal surfaces.


  1. Screen floor with 120 or 150 grit
  2. Tack with water and allow to dry
  3. Tape Lines
  4. Apply paint at 500 sqft/gal
  5. Peel tape and allow edges to dry
  6. Abrade and apply top coats

More Info & Colors: Click Here

MSDS Sheet: Click Here